Check Out All the Online Bachelor’s degrees RMIT University Has for You

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thinking about studying an online bachelor’s degree? Find out the programs offered by RMIT University, one of the pioneers' institutions in distance learning in Australia.

RMIT University is an Australian university recognized worldwide as a pioneer in innovation in technology, design and entrepreneurship. Students at this university learn directly from experts and take advantage of the strong ties RMIT has with industry.

This university offers online education of the highest quality. RMIT’s online degrees provide skills that will help you get a job quickly. In addition, online students participate in a global network of peers, academics and experts.

All RMIT’s online bachelor’s degrees

This online degree prepares you to solve business problems in the global marketplace and understand complexity in operations, logistics and supply chain industries. 

Career opportunities: Procurement officer, Supply coordinator, Materials logistics coordinator, Inventory planner/analyst.
Career outlook: median earnings over $91K.
Price: $33,456.
Subjects: 24.

Combining your knowledge of IT theory and practice with hands-on expertise, you will be able to develop an organisation’s technology infrastructure and support the people who use it.

Career opportunities: Graduates typically work for commercial organisations, software development companies or diverse industries including retail, health or tourism. Graduates also find employment in government departments and large computer organisations.
Career outlook: median earnings over $71 to $91K.
Price: $28,560.
Subjects: 24.

The Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) from RMIT University allows you to explore the molecular level of living systems from which you can devise strategies to solve important practical problems.

Career opportunities: Graduates of this degree can work in every area of biotechnology and biosciences, from gene manipulation in mammals to toxin testing in waterways and crop protection. Graduates can be employed in research, production and testing positions in government and private laboratories and in the field.
Career outlook: median earnings over $60K to 91K.
Price: $28,560.
Subjects: 24.

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