Study Psychology: Does listening to music make us feel less alone?

Friday, 28 January 2022

Psychology and music are a deeply interesting mix, right? We share with you the conclusions of interesting research that studied both topics. 

We all love listening to music! Music is there for us at every moment of our lives. A song can take us back to our childhood or can make us move our imagination to how we want our future to be. Music is there when we are happy, when we are sad or mad, when we want to get rid of anxiety, when we are cleaning our house, when working out, or when we are taking a shower! That is why we want to share with you the results of an interesting research study made in the Psychology field.

Taking into consideration the indicator that music facilitates the emergence of emotions and manages to alter mood or alleviate some discomfort, a team of researchers from Israel took advantage of the pandemic situation to investigate more about how people use music to regulate their emotions and cope with conditions such as anxiety.

How was the research conducted?

The researchers distributed a total of 200 surveys that evaluated the habits of listening to music during the quarantine and asked the participants if their consumption of music had increased, questions regarding the changes on an emotional level that had been experienced, and the reasons why who listen to music experience those changes.

What were the results?

The main conclusions and the most interesting facts were the following points:

  • 48% of the participants said that they had increased their consumption of music during the quarantine.
  • 51% reported that they used music to improve their mood.
  • 49% said that the use of music increased their energy.
  • 46% stated that music helped them relax.
  • 48% stated that they used music as background noise while doing other activities.
  • 75% said that listening to music helped them regulate their unpleasant emotions such as fear, sadness, and loneliness.

It was concluded that listening to music correlates with an increase in the feeling of belonging, shared destiny, brotherhood, and connection with others.

In the form of a brief summary: the research says that everything indicates that music makes us feel less alone. The co-author of the investigation, Naomi Ziv, commented on this:

"The most interesting finding, in my opinion, is that increases in music use were most strongly associated with emotions related to connecting with others. This seems to suggest that, at least in circumstances as extraordinary as lockdown, music can play an important social role in creating a sense of group belonging and possibly helping to cope."

Psychology and music are a deeply interesting mix, right? you can find out more about the limitations and more detailed conclusions of the research by consulting the data that we share below for reference:

Ziv, N., & Hollander-Shabtai, R. (2021). Music and COVID-19: Changes in uses and emotional reaction to music under stay-at-home restrictions. Psychology of Music.

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