Top Online Data Science Programs in Australia

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Would you like to become one of the professionals of the future by studying a university program from your home? Discover Australia's best online undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in data science.

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing areas in both academia and business. Today, data collection and analysis are applied in a wide range of activities. For this reason, there is a growing demand for experts in this field.

Australia is one of the best places in the world to study an online degree in data science. The country's universities are leaders in technology programs, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

If you want to excel in one of the professions of the future, you will be interested in learning about some of the best online undergraduate and graduate degrees in data science in Australia.

Top Online Undergraduate Degrees in Data Science

With this bachelor’s degree program, you will gain a solid IT foundation, develop expertise in data analytics, learn to analyse and visualise rich data sources, spot data trends, and generate data management strategies.

In this program, you will first learn the technical skills, including R and Python languages most commonly used in data analytics programming and implementation; then focus on the practical application, based on actual business problems in a range of industry sectors such as health, marketing and finance.

Top Online Graduate Degrees in Data Science

Online Certificates

The program is ideal for mid-career professionals and is designed to help meet the expanding needs for data scientists who are skilled in the utilisation of a unique blend of science, art and business. It combines a comprehensive business intelligence, data analytics and management curriculum with an industry-based Data Analytics Capstone Project, delivering valuable career experience, theory, and knowledge all in one.

The Graduate Certificate in BIDA can help to upgrade qualifications and provide advanced practical skills required in data science. The certificate is ideal for mid-career professionals or students who have already received a bachelor’s degree in approved fields.

The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics is a four-subject program for students that have already previously completed basic quantitative subjects in programming and statistics. In this Graduate Certificate you will learn advanced statistics, econometrics, and machine learning. Upon graduation, you will be able to work as a data analyst, business analytics specialist or play a key role in any organisations data and information management department.

Online Master’s Degrees

The online Master of Data Science and Innovation is a world-leading program of study in analytics and data science. Taking a transdisciplinary approach, the course utilises a range of perspectives from diverse fields and integrates them with industry experiences, real-world projects and self-directed study, equipping graduates with an understanding of the potential of analytics to transform practice.

Customised for students seeking to develop cutting edge skills in IT Management and data analytics, the program provides you with knowledge of how technology interacts with business processes, strategy, and policy. These desirable skills, coupled with advanced knowledge in business intelligence and “big data” technologies, will put you at a distinctive advantage over other graduates.

This online master’s degree program in Data Science puts professionals who recognise the power of data and numbers ahead of the pack. Fully online, this is an innovative and technologically dynamic postgraduate course.

Check out these online degrees, choose the best suited for you, and take the first step towards standing out in one of the jobs of the future.

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