What are the requirements to study for a Master’s degree?

Friday, 4 February 2022

Do you want to study for a Master's degree? Discover in this article the most common requirements to enroll in a Master's degree program.

After spending some time considering the option to continue studying and going through an arduous analysis of options, the time has come to take the next step and enroll in the selected Master’s degree program. As in any other admission process, universities have a list of requirements that applicants must meet to be accepted and start the courses. In this article, we will share the requirements that are generally requested by universities to study for a Master's degree so you can be ready and start your new academic road.

Having a college degree

The main requirement to be accepted in a Master's degree program is to have an official college degree. The academic institution can be national or foreign, if it is the case, it must be equivalent to the level requested in the university that offers the program. When there is no agreement between nations, it is requested that the title be officially recognized through a request to the competent Ministry.

Application for admission

Clearly, it is necessary to apply for admission to the selected program and it is recommended to start this process as early as possible. You must be aware of important data provided in this document, such as dates, formats, among other particular elements of each university, such as letters of recommendation from university professors where the college degree has been studied.

Language level required

It is common for universities to request a level of knowledge of a second language. As an example, the most requested language in international universities is English and the most common and accepted certificates are TOEFL and IELTS. 

Some universities carry out the tests when the applicants do not have a certification of language proficiency.

Capacity tests

There are universities that apply knowledge tests to applicants to ensure that they have the foundations to start and successfully complete the Master's degree program. The tests are applied online or in the university itself. 

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

This is another ability test for applicants, this test measures the ability to relate verbal and numerical information.

To have work experience

Some Master's degree programs, especially those that belong to a technical and MBA area, require applicants to have previous work experience, generally between one and three years.

Personal interview

It is an important requirement because it allows the university to get to know the applicants and to be able to discuss and deepen the information that is observed in the previous documents. Personal interviews are usually the filter most used by study houses to select their students and usually last approximately 45 minutes.

It is advisable to approach the universities and analyze the calls to enter and have all the documents prepared in advance and prepare for those specific moments such as the tests and the interview.

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