Most In-Demand Careers in A Post-Coronavirus Australia

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Worried about finding a bachelor’s degree that matches the world to come? Find out what the most in-demand careers will be in the future and the best university programs to prepare you for the post-coronavirus work landscape.

According to most experts, the landscape of work in Australia and the world will be quite different after the covid-19 pandemic.

Some sectors can be expected to reactivate slowly, as it will take them some time to adapt to the new rules of social distancing. While in other areas recovery may be faster. As a result, a shift among the most in-demand careers in the Australian job market is to be expected.

What job skills will be most valued in the post-Coronavirus world?

It is likely that there will be major changes in the work dynamic after the pandemic is over. In this sense, some skills will have more weight than before. 

According to Forbes magazine, in the post covid-19 world the abilities to adapt, innovate and lead will be particularly important. Emotional intelligence and critical thinking will also be crucial.

Forbes also points out that one of the best ways to prepare for the post-pandemic world is to acquire technological skills, as covid-19 has accelerated digital transformations.

In the same vein, the magazine warns that knowledge about coding, artificial intelligence and data science will be important to success in the working world after the pandemic is over.

What will be the most in-demand careers after the coronavirus pandemic?

While in some sectors, such as tourism or gastronomy, the economic recovery is expected to be slow, a more accelerated recovery is expected in other areas. Thus, it is highly likely that the dynamics of jobs demand in Australia will change.

Here are some of the careers that experts say will be among the most in-demand after the covid-19 pandemic:

  • Fitness trainers and instructors
  • Logisticians 
  • Marketing managers
  • Nurses
  • Physician assistants
  • Software developers
  • Truck drivers

What bachelor’s degrees should you study to be prepared for a post-coronavirus world?

Luckily for you, Australia is one of the best places in the world to get a high-quality university education.

Australian universities provide a world-class education in a wide range of fields. These institutions provide a great number of bachelor’s degrees that will prepare you to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

Below you will find some of the bachelor’s degrees you can study if you want to be prepared for what's to come when the coronavirus passes:

6. Law

Click on these degrees, find the best universities in Australia to pursue them, and choose the one that's right for you.

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